About Us

IvoDesignShop has been created by married couple Luca and Claudine who are the freaks of travelling and spending time in an active way. That’s why we would like to create unique products for everyone! Our offer is really various. We don’t focus on only one field. That’s inconsistent with our nature and lifestyle. So, where does the idea of cats come from? Yeah… My wife loves cats! Sometimes I think that she loves cats more than me! Project camping- we couldn’t forget about it. We’re such crazy people. It’s Friday today and we’ll spontaneously make a decision that we are leaving in a couple of minutes. Apparently we’re not the only ones that feel that way! This is the best idea to rest from everyday life. We have many ideas for different projects, that’s why You have to follow our website and social media in order to stay up to date with all current offers. Best regards! Have a nice day! We wish You successful purchases! 😊

IvoDesignShop - An amazing shop with very interesting products.



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